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Today, content marketing is worth over £4bn, and represents about £1 in every £4 spent on marketing. Budgets allocated to content marketing are increasing at around 25% a year.

The role of the Content Marketing Association is to promote content as an effective marketing tool to client-side marketers, and to showcase best practice insight, strategy and creative. We do this through proprietary research, events, training, awards and conferences. For clients, we run an intermediary service that allows them to explore the market and find the right agency for their needs. The CMA hosts an annual international summit, and runs the largest international awards event for content marketing. The diversity of our membership demonstrates just how content marketing has developed. As well as clients, it includes specialist content agencies, media agencies, media owners, companies with a background in TV and video production, and digital and social agencies.

You can find out more at www.the-cma.com or by emailing our managing director, Clare Hill, at clare.hill@the-cma.com

andrew hirsch

It’s an exciting time to be in content marketing – and a pretty satisfying one too. For years, we’ve been telling clients that content works harder for their money, goes deeper and drives longer-lasting change than anything else. Now the spread of data – not just the tools and the literacy, but in terms of clients’ willingness to enter the space between POS and customer too – has shown we were right.

In a way, none of this is that new. Unlike a lot of broadcast or pure play media, content marketers have always dug deep for information. It’s never been enough to rely on eyeballs in numbers: we’ve always had to prove what those people did next, and why.

But more than even measuring effectiveness, the avenues opened up by data allow marketers to start thinking pro-actively about what content itself means. From driving strategy as insight to harvesting and productising data itself, the possibilities are wide open.

The very existence of a report like this one shows just how far the content marketing industry’s long-held ideas – the value of deep insight and the customer as a complex being – have penetrated into the mainstream. There are some great insights here, too. I hope you enjoy them.

Andrew Hirsch, Chairman, The CMA

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